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Our Free-Range Kellybronze Turkeys

At our family farm in Yorkshire, we take great pride in raising the finest free-range Kellybronze turkeys for your Christmas table. The birds arrive at the farm as day-old chicks and are slow reared to the highest welfare standards.

Roaming Free in Our Woods

Our Kellybronze turkeys are free to roam and forage in our woodland, ensuring their well-being and contributing to the exceptional flavor and quality of the meat.

Longer Lives, Better Quality

By allowing our turkeys to mature naturally, we develop the rich, succulent flavors that make the Kellybronze breed so renowned, resulting in a superior eating experience.

Farm to Fork Traceability

When you choose our Kellybronze turkeys, you can be confident in the complete transparency and traceability of our farm-to-fork enterprise. Your bird will be collected directly from our farm, ensuring you know exactly where your Christmas centerpiece has come from.

Reserve your free-range Kellybronze turkey today and experience the unparalleled taste and quality that comes from our family farm to your table.

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